SteelA rustic restaurant in the exotic region on Whitianga, The Fire Place Restaurant is a must-have dining experience for all those who love fine cuisine. We have on the menu a wide range of breads, entrees and side orders, all carefully prepared with a special ingredient- love. Our appetizing desserts are heartwarming and immensely pleasing. We work hard on making each diner’s experience at our restaurant a memorable one. First date, anniversary, birthday- whatever you are celebrating, we will celebrate wholeheartedly with you. A delicious meal prepared by talented chefs, served by smiling waiters all at affordable prices- who can say no to a dinner at The Fire Place Restaurant?

Our chefs are all highly trained individuals with a passion for cooking. They put in their souls into creating each item on your dinner table. The cozy ambiance and cheerful staff will make you feel at home right away. Make your reservation at The Fire Place Restaurant today to enjoy a truly scrumptious meal in a delightful environment.